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Blog Migration Complete!

We've completed our blog migration. All posts from this site has been copied over to our new site, located at http://www.idelish.com. Moving forward, all new posts will be on the new blog. 

We will not be posting any new posts to this blog. Please update your bookmarks!

We're Moving!

A quick note... posts will be delayed for the next 2 weeks while we undergo a migration from blogger hosting over to a self hosted Wordpress platform. We will be officially hosted off of http://www.idelish.com once the migration completes.

We'll get back to more travel posts once we get the new platform up and running!

Jeremy & Shirlene

{UAE} Dubai Desert Safari

Content has been moved to...

We've moved this content to our new site.

{TIPS} FAA Orders Removal of Emergency Oxygen from Airplane Lavatories!

{JAPAN} Mouth-watering Kobe Beef (神戸肉 Kobe-niku)

Content has been moved.

We've moved this content to our new site.

{USA} Glacier Cruise @ Prince William Sound, Whittier (Alaska)

{TIPS} Credit Cards & Foreign Transaction Fees While Traveling

{JAPAN} Osaka Attraction - Aquarium (大阪海遊館 or Osaka Kaiyukan)

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